Imagination Is A Career
Imagination Is A Career

Drive for Design

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Stellantis Product Design Office

We’ve put together some resources to introduce students of all ages to the art of design thinking

As technology advances, the demand for creative minds will continue to grow. At Stellantis we believe that cultivating creativity is one of the most important things that we can do to ensure a future full of successful, fearless thinkers.

It is our mission to promote art and design for kids and young adults, while exposing them to the idea that imagination truly can become a career at Stellantis.

Design Process

Chris Piscitelli: Draw A Jeep®

Rimon Ghobrial: Lead Exterior Design, Ram Studio - Enter The Drive For Design Contest!

Grades k - 5

Poster and Design Activity for Print

Digital Presentation

All ages

Coloring Book Activity for Print

Grades 6 - 12

Poster and Design Activity for Print

Digital Presentation

High School

Chrysler Portal Concept - Birth Of A Car - PDF

Here is just a small sample of the creative work that was done in the design process for the Chrysler Portal Concept. You can use these slides to follow along in what we’ve called “The Birth Of A Car”

There are many great places to advance a design education. The following list is Stellantis’s top recruited design schools:

Academy of Art University San Francisco, CA

ArtCenter College of Design Pasadena, CA

Cleveland Institute of Art Cleveland, OH

College for Creative Studies Detroit, MI

Lawrence Technological University Southfield, MI

University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH

Carly Edgemon

Student Relations Coordinator